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Little Shoots Children's Day Program


We welcome young plant-lovers to join us for a day of fun! They will enjoy nature-based play, learn to listen to plants, create plant-masks and participate in the closing ceremony.


  • The Children’s Day Program takes place 9am to 5pm on Saturday, August 10th. 

  • For children ages 6-12 years.

  • Spaces are limited to 10 children.

  • There will be a morning portion and afternoon portion, aligned with the adult workshop schedule. The children will join their parents/caregiver for the joint lunch break.

  • $125 for the full day.

  • To bring: their own lunch & snacks, and outdoor-ready clothing.

Children's Program Team


Julia Thayer
Program Lead

Julia will accompany the Little Shoots throughout their day, both during the guest workshops and providing opportunities for nature-based play in between. Julia has worked with kids in various settings for over 16 years, from babysitting and tutoring, to summer camps and nannying. She recently left her corporate career to re-immerse herself in the world as seen through the eyes of children as a nanny to two little ones alongside finishing her studies in clinical herbalism.


Abrah Arneson
Morning activity

Learning to Be with Plants
Let’s sit together with the trees, flowers and weed, and listen to the wind, feel the sun on our skin and the cool ground underneath. Then let’s explore how the leaves of the plant feel, maybe unearth their roots, smell their flowers and taste their medicine. Maybe we will draw with them. And finally we will ask them, “What do you need from humans?” This is a fun interactive workshop where creativity and imagination are the guides.


Lara Elliott
Afternoon activity

Lara will lead the Little Shoots through an immersive craft activity, making masks with plant materials.

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